Meta Darlings no grid (no date)

No Man’s Art Gallery is honoured to host Meta Darlings, a group exhibition organised by Berlin-based artist Fabian Herkenhoener, with works by:

Israel Aten (USA), Afra Eisma (NL), Arash Fakhim (NL), Fabian Herkenhoener (DE),
Demian Kern (DE), Magdalena Kita (PL) and Johan Jensen Kjeldsen (DN)

The next day we hit the road in her parents car to find that secret world she saw the day before, appearing in the surface of a rotten apple.

Leaving balance as an act of doing, just letting go, getting lost in order to make –leaving conformity leaving sanity, to unknown territory where shapes of reality can appear. There’s no linear hierarchy or logic — striving to the antipodes of consciousness. The consequence of this self- performing uncertainty leads to the materialization of a true reckless abandon.

Reality is a labyrinth which can be navigated in different ways. There’s not only one solution to solve its riddles. We are facing a time of creating an identity which transcends the boundaries of our own little shells. We should embrace and cultivate the synaptic and spiritual networks we create with others.

Meta Darlings in Het Parool


Photo credits: Neeltje de Vries

Meta Darlings runs until March 3rd  2019