west of where the sun goes down - Gallery 1

west of where the sun goes down - 1 year anniversary show

Opening Thursday September 5th
Time: 5 pm till midnight with music by Lino Luc

Serminaz Barseghian - Desiré van den Berg – Majid Biglari – Mia Chaplin – Mette Colberg – Aylar Dastgiri – Afra Eisma – Simone Engelen – Arash Fakhim – Mattijn Franssen – Catharina Gerritsen – Mitchell Gilbert Messina – Mia Mai Graabæk – Max Grünfeld – Tja Ling Hu – Fabian Herkenhoener – Martin Alonso Iglesias – Merhdad Jafari – Klaas Jonkman – Merijn Kavelaars – Bob Koster – Lehlogonolo Mashaba – Mongezi Ncaphayi – Julie Nymann – Jamal Nxedlana – Tina Oelker – Thierry Oussou -  Bhairavi Parikh – Bertrand Peyrot – Maarten van Riel – Sam Samiee – Maxim Santalov – Olivier Schimmel – Buhlebezwe Siwani – Berend Strik – Lindokuhle Sobekwa – Marilyn Sonneveld – Nini Sum – Arya Tabandehpoor – Yasmine Tashk – Bob Waardenburg – Joery de Winter – Hu Xing Yi – Sepide Zamani

Since 2011 No Man’s Art Gallery has opened temporary galleries in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Shanghai and Tehran showing the work of many young artists in atomic shelters, warehouses, historical residences and graveyards.

Exactly one year ago, the gallery opened a permanent gallery space and bar in Bos & Lommer hosting an exhibition programme influenced by the artists and networks we started collaborating with abroad.

The only way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary here in Amsterdam West is by inviting the artists that have been contributing to our international pop-up programme over the past 7 years. We hope you can join us in our celebrations on September 5th.

The exhibition will run until the 29th of September.