We proudly present the six Tehran-based artists that we started collaborating with during our pop-up gallery in Tehran. Doré-hami opens October 14th in presence of most of the artists. Read more…


No Man’s Art Gallery (NMAG) is a young Amsterdam-based gallery that has been organizing pop-up galleries in the unlikeliest of locations all over the world since 2011. The gallery aims to create an alternative art world in which artists can be free of any circumstances that might limit them at home, enabling them to seek a maximum of dialogue and exchange with an audience abroad.

unnamedIn May 2016 the Dutch NMAG team travelled to Iran and organised exhibitions in Tehran as part of its ninth international pop-up gallery. The gallery selected six Iranian emerging artists after mapping the Tehran art scene and exhibited their work alongside the 18 international artists they brought to the Iranian capital. The pop-up gallery became the centre of attention in the Tehran art world for the ten days that it was open and a point of departure for a series of collaborative efforts between No Man’s Art Gallery and Iranian artists and art professionals.

For the first in the series of collaborations No Man’s Art Gallery invited the following artists to exhibit their work in Amsterdam: Majid Biglari, Mehrdad Jafari, Shirin Mohammad, Sam Samiee (nominee of the Royal Award of Modern Painting), Arya Tabandehpoor and Sepide Zamani.

unnamed (2)Dorehami opens Friday October 14th in presence of the artists at the Nieuwe Herengracht 123 in Amsterdam.

The Farsi expression “Dorehami” is literally translated to “surrounded by each other” most commonly used by the younger generation to gather and hang out. Generally, the “Dorehami” takes place in the private sphere, which allows different rules of behaviour. Preparing the pop-up gallery in Tehran, this type of social gathering allowed the gallery team a more open engagement and interaction and provided access to a vibrant art scene driven by a young generation that experiences a post-revolution and post-war period, witnesses many social changes and gains ever more access to global tendencies in a time of digitalisation.

unnamed (1)Dorehami gathers narratives that touch upon a wide range of subjects and use of media such as the limitations of the medium of photography, the rejection of authorship and investigations of collective memory. Artists present representations of daily issues, and address propaganda and nostalgic imagery in their work. They dare to celebrate ornament(ality) and decorum. Some are occupied with archival and found footage and the ambiguities of history while others show an interest in the possibilities of new technologies and digital forms of expression.

Altogether the exhibition creates a space to share stories and continues the dialogue in Amsterdam that started in Tehran. Emphasising the “Dorehami” as an occasion to introduce the artists and the Tehran art world to the Dutch audience, No Man’s Art Gallery has programmed a number of events surrounding the exhibition.

unnamed (3)EVENTS
Vernissage //
Friday October 14th, 6 – 10 pm

Artist Talk //
Sunday October 16th, 2 – 5 pm

Artist Dinner //
Thursday October 20th, 7:30 pm
Please RSVP to info@nomansart.com