Credits: Hicham Gardaf, 2018

Credits: Hicham Gardaf, 2018

Facets of Tangier

Photography: Guus Dubbelman, Hicham Gardaf, Karima Maruan, Robin Vermeulen
Author: Rodney Bolt

Opening Saturday February 22nd
Time: 5pm – till late

Tangier is a state of mind. It perches on the top tip of Africa, its soul in the Maghreb, its eyes set on Europe, for centuries a cultural crossroads.

Four photographers encounter differing facets of an ever-moving city, capturing moments in the Medina, the seaside forests, in stark new suburbs. They tell the story of a city steeped in the past, tossed by change, and reaching uncertainly for the future, but most of all of a city that somehow, in a way you can never quite define, gets a hold of you.

Facets of Tangier is a traveling exhibition, a publication, and a public and educational programme come out of an idea conceived by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra. Dutch and Moroccan photographers, architects, a writer, designers, and cultural organisations have collectively embarked on an exploration of present-day Tangier in relation to its past, and of contemporary developments in relation to everyday life in the city, presenting their different perspectives through visual narratives and story-telling.


February 22nd | 5pm
Opening Facets of Tangier

March 12th | 8pm
Petit Taxi Tunes

Taxi drivers in Tangier always know how to find the best tunes. The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra brings their sounds to Amsterdam. Ride along with us, from modern Egyptian classics like Oum Kalthoum and Abdel Halim Hafez to contemporary Moroccan Raï.
(concert starts at 8:30pm)

March 29th | 3pm
Publication Release

In line with the traveling exhibition, we present the publication Tangier: Facets of a Mediterranean Intersection — a 114 page hardcover photo book. Writer Rodney Bolt will read passages from the publication, with a musical compliment by the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra.


Partners: Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest, École Nationale d’Architecture Tétouan, Fayage, Mahal Art Space, Meervaart, ROSE stories, Think Tanger

Facets of Tangier is made possible by the generous support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Creative Industries Fund NL, City of Amsterdam and VSBfonds


The exhibition runs until the 5th of April 2020