Artist Talk & Presentation
Wednesday July 31st at 8 PM


Ingrid van Alphen (Liguistic Scientist)
Desiré van den Berg (Photographer)
moderated by Stephanie Afrifa

“Reality enters our senses as a kaleidoscopic flux of impressions”, linguist Whorf (1897-1941) once said. This flux must be sorted out in our brains and the structure of our language plays an important role in this. It is estimated that over 7000 different languages are spoken worldwide. All of these languages differ from one another and ask of different information from their speakers.

The hypothesis of Linguistic Relativity questions to what extent the language we speak shapes the way we think and, consequently, view the world.If the language you speak has no word for a certain object or concept, does that mean that you’re not capable of thinking about it?

Desiré van den Berg will talk about her solo show, a series for which she travelled through Russia in search of GOLUBOY a colour that does not exist in her mother tongue. Ingrid van Alphen will connect this to the role of language in the construction of our world view.


the presentation will be held in Dutch