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No Man’s Art Gallery provides an international platform for young artists by organizing pop-up galleries all over the world. Every so many months we take on a different city in a different country, where we find local young artists with great talent. Previous exhibitions were in Cape Town, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Mumbai, Paris, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Shanghai, and Tehran. Our artists encounter and enter into dialogue with audiences from many different cultural backgrounds. Together we celebrate art and the artists at unconventional locations all over the world.

NMAG aims to democratize the global art market for young artists. We place artworks outside of the cultural and economic context in which they were created to make the artist’s chance at professional survival less dependent on the local art market. Instead we take them onto the global market and level the playing field amongst young artists worldwide.

‘No Man’s Art Gallery’ refers to No Man’s Land, the land that knows no laws and no set boundaries. We don’t regard conventions and territorial boundaries to be restrictions. We either willfully ignore them or play with them until they work in our favour. It keeps us innovative and adventurous and allows us to do business in every country and culture.

NMAG was founded by lawyer-turned-gallerist Emmelie Koster out of a belief that in our current globalized and digitalized society opportunities for young artists need not depend on the economic and cultural context in which they are born.

How to submit your work

We are happy to announce our collaboration with from March 1st, 2015 onwards. offers a free but very efficient platform for artists to create a portfolio and to present it to galleries. We will place all future calls for artists on the platform, so please keep an eye out on our profile or subscribe to our newsletter. In case you don’t meet the criteria of any open call, please send the link to your profile to


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Headquarters are based in Amsterdam. We invite you to visit our new gallery space from April 2017 onwards, as we are focusing our programme on Johannesburg until then. Part of our team remains at your disposal in Amsterdam. To make an appointment, please contact Tessa Giller.

We occasionally collaborate with international contemporary art galleries to invite established artists to our Amsterdam gallery space. Their trust and support means a lot to us and make all the difference in what we can achieve for our young and emerging artists.

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Emmelie Koster
Director and Curator

Lih-Lan Wong
Gallery Manager and Co-curator

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NMAG is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under reg# 53326393, with statutory seat at Hofwijckstraat 4-2, 1055GE, Amsterdam. Please note that this is not the address of the gallery.

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