No Man’s Art Gallery was founded by Emmelie Koster. Within NMAG she currently is the curator of our shows and focuses on NMAG’s international endeavours. Her constant curiosity for new perspectives, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and her infinite passion for art has brought the gallery to many corners of the world.

Emmelie graduated cum laude from a joint LLM degree in International Criminal Law at Columbia University and University of Amsterdam and obtained a second LLM and MSc degree after graduating from the European Masters in Law and Economics. In the course of study for the latter degree, Emmelie accidentally got herself into the organisation of art exhibitions in the cities that she was studying in, Hamburg and Mumbai. Between the cities, she witnessed entirely different art worlds. Different socio-economic structures meant different opportunities for young artists. She realized what her passion for entrepreneurship, discovering new cultures and a recently sparked passion for art could contribute to the artists and the art world in the form of No Man’s Art Gallery. The mission of the gallery as it is today was born: to discover talented artists early in their career and provide them with valuable opportunities to create, show and sell their work in a different cultural and economic context than their own.

Having just graduated, she briefly started working as a lawyer in a top criminal defense law firm in the Hague but could not deny her curiosity as to how artists and art buyers behave in different cultures. She left the firm to focus full time on No Man’s Art Gallery in January 2012 and was awarded the prestigious Communication Award only months after that. Since then, Emmelie has been providing opportunities for young artists worldwide while continuing her economic and legal interests by researching various local and global art world dynamics. Her innovative approach to exhibiting art has made her a frequently asked speaker  and advisor on the topics of global cultural entrepreneurship and comparative art market analysis. In addition to her activities at the gallery, she is the BeNeLux editor of the Art Market Dictionary (to be published by deGruyter Verlag) and Board Member at Patty Morgan.

Follow Emmelie’s discoveries on Instagram @EmmelieKoster.

© Keke Keukelaar

© Keke Keukelaar