Lih-Lan Wong joined No Man’s Art Gallery in 2013, initially as an intern while studying Art History at the University of Amsterdam. She graduated in 2015 with an additional master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art and a completed foundation course in Cultural Anthropology.

In the final year of her degree Lih-Lan set out the course for her professional and curatorial practice. She contributed to various exhibitions at the prominent artist-run project space W139 in Amsterdam and to the Moengo Festival of Visual Arts in Surinam and shaped educational projects for the EYE film museum related to exhibitions such as If We Ever Get to Heaven of William Kentridge. Lih-Lan was invited to rejoin the gallery in May 2015, this time as a co-curator for the Collaborative Spirit exhibition, which included works by William Kentridge, Lehlogonolo Mashaba and Mongezi Ncaphayi. She was one of the two art curators of the ninth NMAG pop-up gallery in Tehran in May 2016.

Lih-Lan’s critical eye, strong writing and energetic attitude ensured that our ways could not part there and she was appointed co-curator and gallery manager, a shared position with Joery de Winter. Her curatorial practice continues to focus on non-Western art and on projects that have the aim to foster cross-cultural exchange and counter a dominance of a Western visual language. In addition to the work she does at the gallery, she manages exhibitions at W139 and writes for Africanah.org.

Contact Lih-Lan  by sending an e-mail to lihlanwong@nomansart.com or visit her in our Amsterdam gallery space at Nieuwe Herengracht 119.

© Neeltje de Vries

© Neeltje de Vries