We offer art advisory services to clients worldwide
that are looking to purchase art but don’t know where to start.
With this service we actively connect any artist with any buyer from any continent.


Moving from country to country with our pop-up concept we see SO MUCH ART that we believe deserves international exposure. There are only so many artists that we can represent in the gallery. Our art advisory service is not limited to NMAG artists; it’s an opportunity to get you connected with the full scope of our global network of artists, galleries, art academies and independent curators.


Together with one of our advisors, you will create an art profile in which we identify the factors that influence your purchase decision. Our advisors will then propose a selection of artists sourced from our broad international network that fit your profile, saving you time and presenting you with a focused selection of art from places you might not ever even visit.

We’ll guide you through art fairs and invite you to artist studios, always keeping in mind your specific tastes and preferences. You only purchase art from artists you know? We’ll invite you both to dinner. Only from a specific country? We won’t tell you about the others. Only want to speculate? We’ll educate your guess.


The first 50 clients that join our collection of advised collectors in 2015 are in luck because you don’t have to pay a thing. NADA. For free. Don’t worry about us, we still get paid because we get a commission on the sales.


We also provide advisory for young and emerging artists in developing their career, creating portfolios and much more. For artists that need our help we apply a reduced rate.

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