Before every international exhibition we do, we spend months in the country trying to figure the dynamics of the local art market.

Our curator Emmelie Koster leaves to Shanghai for October & November, and you can come with her. In our art buyer’s whatsapp groups, she posts artworks offered by trusted parties, with background information on the artists and the work. If you are interested, she will send you more detailed pictures and information, and can purchase it on your behalf. She will also arrange proper transport for it, or, if it is small enough, take it in her suitcase and declare it at customs for you.

Since the start of this year, many happy buyers have already discovered and purchased their favorite art pieces through this novel way of buying art. Generally, whatsapp purchases are artworks in the price range € 200 – €1500. If you would like to travel with Emmelie to Shanghai this October, please send her the phone number you use for whatsapp.

If you don’t want to receive life-time updates, but rather a report at the end of the journey, you can order it for €25 here.

You can also follow her on Instagram for occasional updates, but given the fact that Instagram is blocked in China, we expect these updates to be rare.