The eighth international No Man’s Art Pop-up Gallery will take place in Norway. After successful exhibitions in South Africa, China, Denmark, France, India, the Netherlands and Germany, the pop-up gallery is expected to open in Oslo this Fall. After a three month mission to map and be immersed in the Oslo local art world, we will invite a few Norwegian artists to join our ten day exhibition of artists of all previous destinations. Similarly, the Norwegian artists will be invited to join our future international exhibitions in Brussels, Shanghai and other cities. Some of our artists exhibited, found their audience and have seen their work sold in six countries since they joined the gallery.

No Man’s Art Gallery has a mission to globalize the art market for young artists and to provide them with an opportunity to show their work outside of the cultural context in which it was created. We believe that such opportunity not only generates incredibly valuable feedback for the artist, but is also necessary to level the international playing field for artists regardless of the economy or art market in which they are born.


Any young Norway based artist, regardless of background or previous exhibition experience, can now submit a portfolio, showing a very broad selection of work, along with a short bio/word about the work and if available, a list of previous exhibitions, to submissions@nomansart.com. Please note that we do not accept a mere link to your website.
On average, we receive about 150 portfolios per country. From those portfolios, we shortlist 15 artists that we will meet in person and discuss the exhibition conditions with. Three to five artists will make it to the final selection. All applicants will receive an answer once the selection has been made.

We are looking forward to discovering what Norway’s artists have to offer to the world and hope that you share this opportunity with all artists in your circle.

Check out frequently asked questions here.


Send an e-mail to submissions@nomansart.com including the following information:

- Your portfolio with a broad selection of work;

- A short bio that includes your age;

- If you’ve exhibited before, a list of previous exhibitions.

We are only accepting portfolios from Norwegian artists at the moment. Artists from another nationality can send in their portfolio but will not be considered in the selection process and cannot be guaranteed a reply.

Frequently Asked Questions about portfolio submissions.