Mondriaan Fonds has selected No Man’s Art Gallery to be part of the KunstKoopregeling, a great way to make collecting art easier for our clients. Our curator Lih-Lan Wong selects five artworks available through the KunstKoop.

‘I have chosen five works that relate to the ambition of the gallery. They are results of the gallery’s main objective to enable young artists to create work outside of their local reality with its own political, social and economical circumstances by organizing exhibitions globally. On our nomadic journey we take our artists with us such as last spring when the gallery invited Dutch artist Merijn Kavelaars to Iran. In Tehran Kavelaars engaged himself in the local art world and began experimenting with other media such as paper. Simultaneously, South African artist Mongezi Ncaphayi was invited to Amsterdam at the Thami Mnyele foundation where he started exploring working on canvas.’

Untitled (Box), (2016) is an interplay of forms, two anthropomorphic figures seem to be intertwined, one bent over the other almost taking on wrestling positions. During his stay Kavelaars got introduced to the traditional Iranian wrestling (koshti) dating back to ancient Persia often depicted in contemporary art. The Doors, (2016) plays with the abstraction of two faces, colours change when one jumps out of the other. “For me it represents the transition of the outside world to that of the inside. I have experienced this difference as a quite sensitive reality during my residency period in Tehran.” – Kavelaars

Mongezi Ncaphayi created the blue painting at the Thami Mnyele, a renowned foundation that engages African artists of all disciplines in contemporary art to work in its Amsterdam-based studio for a period of three months. Rooted in printmaking it was the first time Mongezi experimented with working on canvas. The painting reveals a vivid cadence of form and colour, the different textures of acrylic and spray paint on canvas remind us of Mongezi’s graphic techniques. The two other works on paper even seem results of a printing process, they are however crafted by hand – intricate cut outs here form a repetitive composition.


Merijn Kavelaars
The Doors, 2016, mixed media on paper
Untitled (Box), 2016, mixed media on paper
Both works are €1.400 or via Kunstkoop €35 per month (36 months)
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Mongezi Ncaphayi
Untitled (Blue painting), 2016, mixed media on canvas, €4.500 or via Kunstkoop €112,50 per month (36 months)
Untitled (Verticale white), 2016, mixed media on paper
Untitled (Horizontal white), 2016, mixed media on paper
Both works are €2.400 or via Kunstkoop €60 per month (36 months)
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For more information, please contact Lih-Lan directly.