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by our Cape Town team
pictures courtesy of Art Meets Camera

Last night I attended the opening of Art Meets Camera, I hope the first in a series of exhibitions curated by Michaela Limberis. Art Meets Camera showcases young Cape Town artists that combine photography with a second artistic medium, or as Limberis puts it “photographically inspired” artists. When you’ve finished reading this report and you decide to visit the exhibition, you’d better be quick about it, because it only runs until Thursday February 20th at the Rockwell hotel.

When I received the invitation, I expected to visit a photography exhibition. I couldn’t be more wrong. The work of the six participating artists,¬†Adam Munro, Gaelen Pinnock, Jake Singer, Liona Robyn Nyariri, Marcus Viljoen and Maryke van Rensburg reaches beyond photography. Each one of them uses the photographic medium only as a part of their creations, the other part consisting of pencil drawings, layering of images, projection or installation.

marcus viljoenMarcus Viljoen shows a series of three portraits. Only on second sight I saw that the portraits are not of people with facial tattoos but carefully produced photographs printed on perspex and placed on top of pencil drawings, creating the illusion of a tattooed face.


Maryke van Rensburg, who has by far the most works in the exhibition, draws directly onto the photographed picture, or projects the photograph onto her drawing. It was great to see how Limberis had transformed the exhibition space (which doubles normally as convention space) into a professional art gallery for a three day exhibition. Jake Singer’s work hangs from the ceiling, Maryke van Rensburg’s work has its own projection room,

adam munro ctl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl me

Adam Munro had his own corner for an installation, showing a bedroom with a bed and a desk, and a doll sitting at the desk. Initially it wasn’t clear to me how Munro’s work was photographically inspired so I asked Limberis. ¬†”To make the doll, he photographed himself naked, each body part separately, and then printed it onto fabric and stitched it up”, Limberis said. “He uses the ‘objective lens’”.

If you’re in Cape Town, run to the Rockwell in the Waterkant now or tomorrow between 10AM and 7PM to check out the show yourself. All artworks are for sale and the prices range between ZAR 2.800 and ZAR 16.000.

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