How do I submit my portfolio?
NMAG collaborates with Works.io to efficiently receive your portfolios. It is completely free to use and very easy to create a professional portfolio. You can either apply to one of our open calls or send us the link to your Works.io portfolio.

How much works and information should I include in the portfolio?
We’d love to see a broad selection of works. Don’t be too strict on your selection; often we end up exhibiting different artworks than what the artist would have chosen. Between 10 and 20 images of work is a good idea.

About your work, we are pretty curious to know what the selling price of your work would be, what the dimensions are and when they were made. We’d be very happy if you could include that info. If you haven’t sold before and wouldn’t know how to price your work, just write that, it’s no problem at all.

Could I just send you my website?
No. We get hundreds of portfolios, and each artist has outdone him or herself on making a unique website for their work. We unfortunately have no time to figure out each one of your websites. Website only applications will not be accepted. Do include your website and CV.

What are the selection criteria?
We have a focus on emerging artist that are very dedicated to their career, showing a clear line or signature within their oeuvre. Very often our calls are country-specific, so please pay attention to that. 

Who decides?
Everyone working in the gallery gets to express their thoughts about the selection. The final decision lies with our director Emmelie Koster and manager Lih-Lan Wong.