Great news for 2017 – 2018, you can finance your art purchase at NMAG through the KunstKoop programme of Mondriaan Fonds. Interest free loans for art purchases! Read more…

Happy New Year in which you now can acquire a work through the KunstKoop!


1. You decide to buy a work in our gallery, which participates in the KunstKoop
2. You sign a purchase agreement with us and make a deposit
3. You will send the request form for the loan to the ABN-Amro Bank. They will message you if the loan will be provided. If this is the case you will sign a loan agreement
4. ABN-Amro Bank pays the total amount of the loan to us. The interest of the loan will be payed for you by the Mondrian Foundation to ABN-Amro BankThe KunstKoop applies to a purchase amount of €7.500. For artworks above this amount applies paying the purchase amount minus €7.500. For the remaining €7.500 the Kunstkoop-agreement is applicable. The KunstKoop agreement does not apply for those living outside of the Netherlands or for those older than 75 years.