NMAG supports Young Art Buyers by offering a 5% discount

on all art purchases in the gallery to buyers under the age of 30.


NMAG is now one of the selected Dutch galleries supported by the Mondrian Fund through the KunstKoop programme.

The programme allows our Dutch clients to collect artworks in interest-free instalments. Here is how it works.


Follow Emmelie‘s recommendations from art scenes worldwide as she visits artists in their studio, roams art fairs and meets up with curators around the world. You will have the opportunity to collect the works right away. Here is how that works.
If you are seriously interested in collecting works from another region and are adventurous enough to decide based on pictures, detailed information and personalised recommendations, join our WhatsApp group by sending your name and phone number to Emmelie.In the WhatsApp group, Emmelie will only post works that she recommends with knowledge of the gallery, artist and local scene.┬áSee something you like? Just say: ‘interested [title]‘. Emmelie will then continue a private conversation with you, sending you detailed pictures and information as well as negotiation possibilities. Once you decide to purchase the work, she will purchase it for you and bring it back with her to Amsterdam or arrange transport for you.

A couple of conditions apply to participate:
1. You may only say ‘interested’ or nothing at all in the group. Commenting or questions can be asked in a private conversation with Emmelie.
2. All sales are final.
3. Two ways of transport are possible: (i) either Emmelie takes it back with her to Amsterdam in her luggage free of charge but is not liable in case anything should happen or (ii) Emmelie arranges transport for you on the spot.